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10 Amazing Packing Hacks


Open suitcase with travel items inside


You don’t have to binge watch Marie Kondo or buy ‘packing cubes’ to be an efficient packer. There are plenty of simple tips and tricks you can use to fit the maximum number of items into your suitcases. At Ebus, we’re committed to helping our passengers have a stress-free and enjoyable ride – and that starts with correctly packing your suitcase.


Create a checklist

The best place to start with packing is to create a checklist. While you may think you remember everything off the top of your head, writing things out can help organize your thoughts and ensure nothing gets missed. If you want to get super organized, break your checklist up into categories (toiletries, clothing, electronics).


Roll don’t fold

It seems that folding clothes would be the most efficient procedure to save space due to the flat nature, but according to experts rolling clothes is the way to go. This also is a great way for your clothes to stay wrinkle free, compared to the dreaded lines from folds.


Be creative with tech items

Instead of wrapping up cords and randomly throwing them into your bag, take it one step further and put them in a container. A sunglasses case or Tupperware work well to put the cords in. That way, you know where they are, and they won’t get tangled amongst the other items in your suitcase.


Have an emergency kit in your carry-on

You never know what can happen, so take the classic boy scout’s advice and always be prepared. Whether you’re travelling by bus or air, it’s important to have an emergency/essential kit in your carry on. This would include items such as band-aids, lip chap, sunscreen, bug spray, Gravol, Advil, a water bottle, Kleenex, granola bars, a phone charger, a book, etc.


Put liquids in sealable bags

Have you ever been ready to relax at a destination, just to open your bag and find everything covered in shampoo?! This can easily be avoided by preemptively placing all your liquids into Ziploc bags or reinforcing the lids with tape.


Always pack a bathing suit

You never know when a bathing suit comes in handy, so always pack one! Aside from swimming in them, they can be useful on unexpected hot days or for showering in if you find yourself in a shared bathroom like at a hostel.


Fill in the gaps

Packing can be like Tetris, a fun little game if you let it. Try to use every square inch in your suitcase, like rolling up shirts and stuffing them into shoes. However, depending on the trip, you may want to be mindful to leave a little space for bringing back souvenir items.


Toss in a fabric softener sheet

A nice shower after a day of travel is essential to feel nice and fresh, but what about your clothes? Try tossing a fabric softener sheet into your suitcase, then your clothes will have that ‘just-washed’ smell once you’ve reached your destination.


Wear heavier items while travelling

It doesn’t make sense to pack your bulky sweaters if they take up half your suitcase. Even if you’re travelling to a warmer destination, still wear your sweater or tie it around your waste. This will save you a ton of space!


Put small jewellery into a pill case

There are many options to pack your jewellery responsibly, but one that works the best is using pill cases. They snap shut and have tiny compartments, which is perfect for your earrings, rings, etc. Just don’t get it mixed up with your actual pill case!


Our commitment towards getting you Safely Home extends to your luggage as well. We hope that these packing tips and tricks will help you maximize your luggage space, and ensure the items travel both safely and securely. With Ebus, we have a generous luggage allowance of three bags and up to six if necessary!


If you have any packing tips of your own, share them in the comments below!



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