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10 Reasons to Travel Back to School with Ebus


How are you planning on getting back to school? Travelling with Ebus has many perks, from affordable travel to on-board WiFi. We’ve outlined the top 10 reasons that travelling Ebus is the best way to get back to school this semester.


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1. Affordable Fares

Flying in Canada is expensive and gas mileage can add up quickly, so travelling with Ebus is an affordable way to travel. Another perk is you don’t need to check in two hours before your departure compared to flying; we only ask to check in 20 minutes prior.


2. Ample Luggage Allowance

Are you moving to your school’s city or into residence? We have a generous luggage allowance, with three bags included in your fare. You can have up to six bags, but any additional bags over the three included are a $15 charge each.


3. Easy Booking

Our online booking system makes it easy for you to book your trip using your laptop or mobile device. Plus, anytime you book online with Ebus, you save 5% on fares!


4. Comfy Seats

Getting everything organized for back to school can be exhausting, but you can rest on our coaches in our comfortable seats. They’re perfect for you to catch up on sleep and relax before diving into your studies.


5. Bikes, Snowboards, Skis, Golf Bags Accepted

Do you have sporting equipment you’d like to bring with you for the semester? We accept bicycles ($20 transportation fee), snowboards, skis, and golf clubs – if they’re properly wrapped and secured. A bike box, suitable covering, or plastic wrap/bags are accepted.


6. Airport Stops

Are you flying into the Edmonton International Airport? Or the Kelowna or Abbotsford airports for school? We have stops there and would be happy to help you connect to your school city.


7. Complimentary WiFi

We have free WiFi on all our buses, so you can get started on those initial assignments or just chill out watching a movie.


8. On-board Washrooms

Whether you have a long or short journey to school, onboard washrooms are available on every Ebus. You won’t need to worry about asking your parents to stop at the nearest gas station to use the bathroom… for the tenth time.


9. Save the Environment

One Ebus coach takes 52 cars off the road, and we have 22 daily departures per day in Alberta and British Columbia. For every person who travels by bus instead of car, CO2 emissions are reduced by 85%. So, unless your parents are planning on dropping you off at school, take Ebus and help save our environment.


10. Safely Home

Safety is our first Core Value and at the heart of all we do. We know that it’s your parents’ priority for you to arrive to your new residence safely. With our friendly, professional, highly trained drivers, you can give your parents the peace of mind by travelling Ebus for your back to school transportation.



We want you to have the best back to school experience, and that begins with a safe and enjoyable ride to your school’s city. We provide many benefits back to school travel, so book your trip with Ebus now! www.myebus.ca