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4 Myths About Riding the Bus


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4 Myths About Riding the Bus

At Ebus, we want to change the perception of inter-city bus travel by providing a comfortable, friendly, and accommodating service. These are four myths about bus travel that we’re breaking, daily!


1) Buses are uncomfortable or crowded

False! Especially with our motorcoaches! Onboard Ebus you’ll have soft, plush seating that reclines – making it easy to relax or sleep. We also have free WiFi onboard, so you can unwind reading your favourite book or catching up on a project.


2) Buses are bad for the environment

Often due to the size of the bus, people assume that running a bus is bad for the environment. Contrary to that belief, buses have the lowest carbon footprint compared to airplanes, trains, or cars. Measured in passenger miles per gallon, coaches are two times as efficient as trains, four times more efficient than an airplane, and seven times more efficient than travelling by car. Even the diesel fuel used in buses is 30 per cent more efficient than gasoline!


3) I don’t have time to take a bus

In our offices, we have free WiFi and you only must show up 20 minutes prior to your departure. Therefore, you can work while you’re waiting for your departure, and continue your work onboard with the continued free WiFi. That way, you’ll get your own time back by not having to drive. Maximize your productivity by turning what is perceived as wasted time into productive time and enjoy the gorgeous view along the way!


4) People are not taking the bus anymore

This myth couldn’t be more untrue! Year after year, we see our ridership increase in both Alberta and BC. In addition, society is starting to make the change towards more sustainable options, namely ride sharing, public transportation, and inter-city bus travel. Instead of people driving themselves, they’re choosing options that are more cost effective and much better for the environment.


We hope this educated you on bus travel and that we’ve debunked some of the common myths. If you’re ever looking for more information or have specific questions about inter-city bus travel, our Ebus representatives would be happy to assist. They can be reached at: 1-877-769-3287, or you can read more about the benefits of bus travel here.