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5 Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Tips


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Thanksgiving Holiday is one of the busiest times of the year for travel. From the crowded airports and bus terminals, to the last-minute sprint to catch your departure, holiday travel can be stressful. We have five tips to help make holiday travel easier for you this Thanksgiving.


1. Book your trips well in advance

Holidays are the busiest times for us, so make sure you’re booking your trip far in advance. We schedule extra motorcoaches to accommodate the busy days, but even those can sell out. Make sure you have your Thanksgiving trip booked, and your Christmas plans well in the works whether you’re travelling by bus, plane, or train!


2. Leave your house with extra time

Autumn weather can be unpredictable, so make sure you leave your house with lots of extra time. Snow or rain are possible factors to consider during a Canadian Thanksgiving, and these unfortunately can affect road conditions. Downloading road apps such as Alberta 511 can help with this planning ahead. As well, remember to consider the potential line-ups while checking in. One of the benefits to travelling by bus versus airplane is the quick check-ins, but it’s still good to arrive extra early during the holidays.


3. Pack snacks and drinks

In case there are any delays with your travel plans, it’s a good idea to pack snacks and drinks. Although most terminals and bus stops have food nearby, you might not want to risk leaving just in case there are any important announcements about your trip. Non-perishable items are perfect because they can travel far distances and are an easy fix for when your tummy starts growling.


4. Keep your devices charged

Before you leave home, make sure you have the appropriate chargers for your devices. There’s nothing worse than going to charge your iPod, only to realize you forgot the charger at home. It seems obvious to say, but always make sure your phone is charged too. If there are any delays in travel that need to be communicated to your family member picking you up, or to provide your onboard entertainment, you’ll need your phone fully juiced up!


5. Be ready for the unexpected

In the event your flight is cancelled, or you take advantage of a last-minute Thanksgiving travel deal and switch departure times, always be ready for the unexpected during holidays. This means packing lightly so there isn’t a lot of baggage to deal with. One of the best ways to be able to roll with the punches of holiday travel is packing an emergency kit in your carry on. The emergency kit would include items such as Advil, headphones, ear plugs, basic toiletries, a sleep mask, and hand sanitizer.


We hope that these tips will make your Thanksgiving travel less stressful and more organized. Remember that it’s called ‘Thanksgiving’ – so take the time to reflect on what you’re thankful for and let others know how much you appreciate them. If you haven’t already, book your trip for Thanksgiving with Ebus!