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5 Tips for Successful Studying at Home


Student studying at home


University students are back at the books, but this unprecedented semester forces many students to learn in a new way. As schools such as the University of Calgary, University of Alberta, Red Deer College, University of British Columbia, and Thompson Rivers University remain closed due to COVID-19, institutions have moved curriculums to almost entirely online.


For many students, this means they’ll have to learn new skills in order to focus and study solely at home. This new learning environment may be difficult at first, but with a few adjustments, anyone can learn to be an academic star from home. We have a few tips and tricks to share with the scholar in your life, or even for your own benefit!


Set up a dedicated study space


Having a dedicated space for studying helps put your mind into homework mode. While not everyone has a spare room/office available to work in, setting up a homework desk or area in the kitchen can be a massive help in dedicating yourself to the course content.


Remove clutter


Before sitting down, clean up the clutter or anything that makes you ‘anxious’. Removing excess papers, sorting files, and getting rid of anything not relevant to your studies is crucial. This not only clears the physical clutter, but also the clutter in your mind! This way, you can focus on what really matters without distractions.


Organize your time




Without in-person classes to guide your timetables, it can be easy to lose track of time. While classes may be more flexible than ever, try sticking to a schedule that makes time for each course and project. Try to keep this schedule consistent, so you can schedule other activities around studying - without worrying about running out of time.


Stay engaged


Studying from home can make it easier to opt-out of certain lectures or activities. But by doing this, you’re actually jeopardizing your chance to have a wholesome learning experience. Studies have shown that by engaging with course content, instructors, and peers, students gain a greater understanding of the material and become more motivated to study the material. Make sure to attend live lectures during the scheduled times, ask questions, and think critically about the course content.


Embrace the flexibility


Online learning means a lot has changed for both you and your professors, so it’s important to have fun and embrace the flexibility. By studying at home, you can tailor your learning to what best suits you. This can be anything from playing music while studying, getting healthy snacks from their fridge whenever you’d like (no hall pass necessary), and take multiple breaks to rejuvenate in the comfort of your own home.


We hope that these tips and tricks will help you achieve the academic stardom you desire! And wherever you may find yourself this semester, you can count on Ebus to get you Safely Home. Our new Safely Clean program, alongside our onboard WiFi and power outlets, gives you the tools to study on the go, in comfort. So, enjoy the ride and let us do the driving!


Good luck to everyone this semester!