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Best Mask Practices


By now, you're more than aware about the importance of wearing a mask while in close contact with others. But did you know that there is a right and wrong way to wear your mask?


Wash your hands before & after touching your mask

Washing your hands


While your mask helps keep you and others safe, your hands are much less clean! When you are wearing a mask, wash your hands before touching it to avoid cross contamination. If you're running several errands in a row, you can save time by keeping your mask on between them. This way, you don’t have to wash your hands between each destination.


Select a two layer mask

Homemade two layer mask


Not all masks are made the same. When selecting masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19, choose a mask that has at least 2 layers of fabric. Whenever possible, opt for a mask with a filter or filter pouch. You can learn how to make a mask with a filter pouch here.


Get used to your mask

Kid wearing a mask


For many people, wearing a mask is new experience. The constriction over your nose and mouth can actually cause anxiety for some people. Before wearing your mask out in public, desensitize yourself by wearing it around the house and watching TV.


This tip is especially important for children. Kids Health suggests giving children plenty of time to get used to both their own masks and others. You can even help them decorate their own masks to help them get more comfortable!


Position your mask correctly

Wearing your mask correctly


It can be easy to forget to pull your mask up over your nose. Make it a habit before you leave your vehicle, work, or your home. Masks should cover both your nose and mouth fully, with no extra space around the sides.


If your mask is slightly too big for you, avoid gaps by twisting the elastics to make a smaller loop for your ears. Learn how to make your mask fit better here.


We hope you find these tips useful as we all transition into this new normal. Stay safe and healthy!