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Comparing Costs of Corporate Travel: The Ebus Advantage


Chart comparing Ebus to driving and flying


Our own Corporate and Charter Sales Representative, Kevin Dmytruk, gives us the scoop on the costs of Corporate Travel.


Whether it’s a business trip, a convention, or an important meeting, there are so many critical reasons why people travel for work. However, alongside the consistent need to travel, your options to remain within the yearly corporate travel budget may start to dwindle.  The costs of business-related travel can be a considerable burden to companies and adds to the pile of paperwork; as a Sales Representative, I am no stranger to this and after doing some research on a potential trip from Vancouver to Kamloops, this is what I found out:


Buses Save Your Business Money:


At Ebus, we urge you to consider making the switch to Motorcoach for your next trip. For a fraction of the cost of traditional travel, you and your employees can stay comfortable, safe, and productive. We are so confident that you’re going to love the Ebus difference, that our corporate travel accounts are tailored to usher you in. Simply register for a new corporate account with Ebus BC, and you receive your first trip on us. We have all new highway coaches that boast extra leg room, free Wi-Fi, and power ports for phones and laptops that will make that first free trip feel like a breeze.


Bus Travel = Productive Travel:


With no line-ups for security, no long check-in lines, or being stick behind the wheel, employees can use the travel time on the bus for time to do their work. They can catch up on emails, prepare that report they’ve been meaning to get to, or get ready for their presentation on the way. What’s more, because you’ve been relaxing in your seat with very little hassle, you arrive more revived, fully charged, and all ready to rock your business meeting and close that deal.


Buses have the lowest Carbon Footprint:


When you travel with Ebus, unlike any other traditional travel method, you can say you are contributing to a greener future! By taking Ebus you help keep 220 cars off the road every day, and that means 80,300 cars stay off our congested highways every year.  That’s not only making the roads safer, but it’s also reducing emissions for a sustainable future. If you have to travel, why not feel good about it? Hint: Also, be sure to brag about your Corporate Responsibility to your clients, they’ll love it.



Check out the comparison above and if you’re ready to save money, keep productive, and stay green, then contact me at or visit to register for your corporate account today!