Ebus Now Operating out of Pacific Central Station in Vancouver | Ebus

Ebus Now Operating out of Pacific Central Station in Vancouver


Great news! We’re pleased to announce that effective tomorrow, May 31, Ebus has secured the capability to operate directly out of Pacific Central Station in Vancouver. Since our launch on October 31, we were permitted only to load and unload passengers outside to the south of the main entrance, and so we are now very happy to be able to offer this improved service to travelers in BC.


Our Ebus Passenger Experience Representatives will be mobile within the building and we will not have a desk from which to sell tickets. Therefore, we continue to encourage passengers to book in advance by phone or online where they automatically receive 5% off the price of their trip.


Passengers will now be able to enter into the main entrance, meet our Ebus Representatives inside to check-in, and they will be escorted to the passenger loading and unloading area. Ebus passengers will have full access to the amenities of the historic Pacific Central Station, such as washrooms, seating areas, car rentals, A&W, other independent restaurants, and paid parking is available.


We’re excited to be taking another step in the right direction in continuously improving the Ebus experience for our passengers in BC.