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Ebus supports the Great Okanagan Beer Festival!



Ebus Supports the Great Okanagan Beer Festival!

Okanagan Beer Festival along the water

Ebus is proud to support local events such as the Great Okanagan Beer Festival happening in Kelowna May 9-11, 2019If you’re travelling from Vancouver, Merritt, Kamloops, or other locations within BC, be sure to catch a ride with Ebus.


Ebus offers:


Free WiFi






Power outlets 

Comfy seats

Seat belts

On Board Washrooms



Arrive safely, fully rested, and ready to enjoy all that the festival has for you!


Your Okanagan Beer Festival Ebus Schedules: 


Daily arrivals in Kelowna:

 13:45 and 22:00

 Daily Departures to Vancouver:

 9:10 and 17:25

 Daily Departures to Kamloops:

 13:45 and 22:00


Ebus Route Map

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 For more information on our locations and schedules Click Here


Tip: If you need a ride from our Kelowna stops to the Okanagan Beer Festival Location, 

Kelowna Airport Shuttle might be able to help you out!