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An Open Letter to Kamloops from Ebus


We love Kamloops


Dear Kamloops,


All of us here at Ebus want you to know that we have been and will continue to be here to support you. While we all are struggling with the constant changes to our daily lives, the impacts of restrictions, fear of infections, our businesses suffering, and the effects it’s having on our mental health, we thought it was the perfect time to show you how much we care for this community.


Our Beginnings in Kamloops

When Greyhound ceased service in Western Canada in October of 2018, it is not coincidence that our service launched on October 31 – the last day of Greyhound. We wanted to ensure that the travel needs of this community were not interrupted for even one day. So, we quickly responded by expanding our Ebus service in Alberta into British Columbia and establishing Kamloops as our head office in BC. With our roots firmly implanted as a local, family owned business, we understand the integral role a business has in its community. We introduced Kamloops to Ebus, and our long-standing Safely Home brand.


An Amazing First Year

We were thrilled to be accepted into your community and be able to welcome thousands of residents and visitors onboard our buses from the very first day of our service and throughout 2019. We were able to share in the opportunity to provide the necessary access to other communities, whether it was for work, educational opportunities, medical appointments, tourism reasons, or for visiting friends and family. We celebrated our One Year Anniversary with a small media event and pride in knowing the appetite for our service was real and exceeded our expectations. In December of 2019, during the busy Christmas season, we even had to put on several extra buses every day to keep up with travel demand.


Ebus in Kamloops


Helping to Flatten the Curve

Unfortunately, during seeing increasing ridership, expanding schedules, and continuous improvements in customer service, a mere 17 months into our service, we were faced with the most challenging roadblock ever, COVID-19. We had to make the tough – but right – decision to suspend our services and ask the public to join us in Staying Safely Home.


 Ebus stay safely home


Behind the Scenes: Safely Clean

While we weren’t operating on the road, our team was extremely busy behind the scenes developing a full program to ensure the utmost in Safety when we could resume service. We introduced our Safely Clean program: a full program dedicated to enhanced cleaning and sanitization, preventative measures, and elevated protocols to ensure the safety and protection of our staff, passengers, and the communities in which we operate.


A Safe Relaunch

Once we deemed it safe to do so, we were able to relaunch with our Safely Clean program in place, making masks mandatory at the outset, managing crowding and distancing as much as possible, and used our state-of-the-art electro-static sprayers for a complete clean. We also optimized our schedules and times so that we could run a sustainable service, while supporting your essential travel need.


Why Ebus?

Safety: Of course, our first and foremost reason would be Safety. Not only can you be confident in travelling with us because we’re Safely Clean, but our drivers are professionally (and continuously) trained, know the roads like the back of their hands, and know how to safely handle all types of weather conditions. We were also the first Motorcoach company in all of Canada to have seatbelts installed in all of our vehicles.


Customer Service: There is a reason that Customer Service is one of our most important Core Values, our staff is highly trained to ensure that our customer’s experience is top notch and that concerns are met with empathy and a willing helping hand.


Productivity: Get your time back. Instead of spending your day navigating the roads on your own, you can enjoy the comfy seats and free WiFi to allow you to get that report done, catch up with friends, or study on the way so that you can enjoy your time fully once you reach your destination. 


Ebus Kamloops hospital


Continued Commitment to Kamloops

We recognize the impact Air Canada’s decision to suspend all flights at the Kamloops Airport (YKA) will have on the community. As trusted leaders in the transportation industry, we acknowledge this major change and are here to continue providing Safe travel and help fill this void.


You can trust us to be here during these difficult times, as we’ve remained dedicated and committed – even throughout the pandemic.


With our daily service to and from Kamloops, you’ll feel safe and secure knowing we’re here to support your essential travel needs whenever they should arise. Our friendly and professional drivers are familiar with the BC roads, a popular route of ours being between Kamloops and Vancouver. We also provide service to other major cities like Surrey, Kelowna, and Vernon, while supporting smaller communities such as Hope, Chase, Enderby, and Sorrento.


Kamloops office interior


2021 and Beyond

Something we’ve all recognized as a light during this challenging time, is that it helps to focus on doing good - whether that is virtual connections to family, helping a stranger, shopping local to support your neighbours, or doing what you can to help the planet. By riding Ebus instead of flying, you’re paying tribute to the environment. Compared to airplanes, trains, or cars, coaches have the lowest carbon footprint. In passenger miles per gallon, coaches are four times more efficient than an airplane, so by choosing Ebus, you’re saving both money and the environment.


All in all, Kamloops we want you to know that we are keeping you in mind with every business decision we make, and that’s why we’re still here and hope to be far into the future. We want to thank you for your continued loyalty to Ebus and hope that we can see you onboard soon so that we can get you and your loved ones Safely Home.



The Ebus Team


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