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Safety Tips for Winter Travellers


Snowman holding a shovel


At Ebus, our first Core Value is Safety and we want to ensure you’re prepared for travelling this holiday season. After eight years of operation and being a sister company to Red Arrow Motorcoach, we’ve learned a thing or two about winter travel.


1. Leave your house earlier than you’d planned

Even though you must leave your house at 7:15am to catch our 8:00am departure, give yourself more time to arrive. Winter conditions are unpredictable and unfortunately so are accidents on the roads. Since you have no way to predict delays on route to our offices, please ensure you’re leaving with plenty of time to check-in and settle in. Once you’re at our offices, we have free WiFi, coffee, drinks, snacks, and reading materials that will help you kill time before your departure. Wouldn’t you rather relax than be worried you’re going to miss your coach?


2. Make sure you dress warm

Even though you’re going from ticket office to bus, you should still dress appropriately for winter conditions. On warm winter days you may be tempted to leave your toque and mitts at home, but the place you’re travelling to could be colder or have more snow. It’s a good idea to have your toques and mitts packed in your carry on so it’s easily accessible if you get chilly onboard or in case of emergency.


3. Have your charging devices in your carry on

Always try to have your phone charger on you, especially during the winter. We have outlets on all our coaches, so you can juice up your phone before arrival, and make sure you’re in contact with the person who’s picking you up. It's frustrating when you need to use your phone, just to find it completely dead. Also keep in mind that you'll probably be using the phone for entertainment purposes throughout your trip, so that's another reason to have your charger in your carry on.


4. Purchase ice and snow grips for your boots


Safely Home snow grips for boots


Safety is a number one priority for our passengers, and our staff as well. It’s a requirement that our staff wear ice and snow grips during the winter when the roads and sidewalks are icy. It’s great for people who walk a lot during the winter, and they provide a sense of security too. You can purchase ice and snow grips in stores or online.


5. Download a weather or road conditions app

There are free apps available on from the App Store or Google Play that give you the most recent information on weather and roads. Weather and roads are important to research before heading out, even if you’re not driving and taking Ebus instead. By knowing the weather, you can plan around possible delays or communicate to loved ones what to look out for. The Weather Network is a great app for weather predictions, and the 511 Alberta app will give you updates on traffic and road conditions. Drive BC is like the 511 Alberta app, but it’s available on web only and not in a downloadable app form. It’s the best source for the most current road information in the province of BC.


We hope these tips will help you be prepared this winter and get you #SafelyHome. From all of us at Ebus, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!


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