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Tips for Last Minute Packers



Woman's suitcase open with typical travel items inside


Do you feel the panic set in when you inevitably find yourself scrambling through clothes and essentials the night before you set to depart on your travels? You might just be a last minute packer! If this sounds familiar, her here are some tips to ease and streamline that process.


1. Start a ‘Grab and Go’ Drawer

It’s all about preparation! Since you’re no stranger to last minute packing, we recommend setting aside a drawer that contains all the travel essentials you need. Obviously, this drawer does not have to be full at all times, just a centralized spot for you to store and quickly access main travel items. It could include essentials such as toiletries, small amounts of cash, phone chargers, or miscellaneous things you tend to forget.


2. Mix and Match

Pack clothes that are universal, or can be worn in various different ways. For example, you can never go wrong with a plain black or white top, because you can mix and match it. Versatile clothing will not only help save time, but it also saves you some space in your bag.


3. Roll, Roll, Roll!

So you’ve finally gathered up your outfit options… the last thing you need is an overflowing suitcase. A handy method for fast, easy storage optimization is what’s known as the roll method. If you have never done this before, here is a handy guide by Travel + Leisure that explains it all.


4. Make a list

This sounds obvious, but it’s tried, tested, and true! Try creating a re-usable packing check-list that you can revisit every time you travel. It helps when you’re feeling flustered, and reduces the chance of you forgetting your most essential items.   


5. Get a “Go to Bag”

Not too big or not too small but will fit all! It’s always a good idea to spend time looking for a go-to travel bag that is comfortable to carry, but also spacious for packing. For some, that’s a small suitcase on wheels, for others it’s a mid-size duffle with a strap. Take your time finding the perfect one, and shop a range of bags that suit your personal style and packing needs.



With these expert tips, packing last minute does not have to be a bad thing. And don’t forget, if you ride with Ebus, preparation is even more of a breeze with our generous 6 piece luggage maximum.