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Top 4 Reasons to Try Ebus Instead Of Flying



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When you think of travelling, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it flying or taking the train?


If it's been a long time since you've been on a bus, consider trying Ebus! We offer safe, affordable, and comfortable travel connecting you to communities in Western Canada. Our daily service in Alberta connects four major cities, and in British Columbia we're now proudly serving 15 communities.


Here are some reasons to why travelling by bus will feel like a breath of fresh air:


1. Savings, savings… savings!

It’s no secret that bus tickets cost less than a plane ride. For example, a plane ticket from Edmonton to Fort McMurray starts at (approximately) over $300. A one-way ticket from Edmonton to Fort McMurray on Ebus is only $67.00. Or from Vancouver to Kelowna, a flight is over $200 one-way while Ebus costs $74.58 (and you can save 5% more if you book online!). And don’t think you'll be missing out on air travel. Just because a motorcoach ticket is cheaper doesn’t mean that we cut corners on service or amenities. Ebus comes with features such as free WiFi, power outlets, washrooms, plenty of leg room, and ample luggage allowance.


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2. Stay Productive

As mentioned above, Ebus connects you to WiFi and provides power outlets on board, which is essential to staying plugged into your busy lifestyle. Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, we can make sure your devices stay connected… but unlike with an economy airfare, it’s free!



3. Skip the Hassle

Skip the long line-up and get right onboard! Not only do flights usually result in a frustrating wait, but they also require you to arrive about 1-2 hours before your departure. In addition, we all know someone who has been bumped from a flight. With Ebus, check-in is a snap and we never overbook. Once you're confirmed, you're guaranteed a seat. Just show up at our convenient departure locations and simply provide your name 20 minutes prior to departure. Not to mention, Ebus has a generous Luggage Policy that allows three (3) bags for free and an extra three (3) for only $15 each. Grab your bags, and you’re good to go!



4. Guilt-Free Travel

Taking the bus is a sustainable method of travel, and a full Ebus coach takes a potential 48 cars off the road. Between our 22 daily departures throughout Alberta and BC, that’s the potential of 1056 vehicles per day! Buses have a lower carbon footprint and are four times more efficient when measured in passenger miles per gallon when compared to airplanes. Greener travel for the win!



Make the switch to bus transportation today and book with Ebus. Visit us online at or contact passenger services at 1-877-769-3287.