Travelling with Ebus in Winter Weather | Ebus

Our first Core Value is Safety, and therefore we'd like to remind our passengers how Ebus operates during the winter months.


  • As our coaches are deemed an essential service, we'll always attempt to travel, no matter the weather conditions. It's only in very extreme conditions - where the roads are impassable or the visibility is considered zero - that we'd cancel a trip.


  • Our drivers are professionally trained and have years of experience in all weather conditions. They drive to the conditions, and for the safety of all onboard. Arrival times may be delayed due to this. In most instances, we're able to track the coaches using our GPS system.


  • During winter storms, our Operations Team closely monitors the weather situation and makes the appropriate decisions based on the information at hand and with the safety the number one consideration. If we feel it necessary to cancel a trip, we'll do our best to contact all passengers by phone or email to advise them of the cancellation. Passengers may then either re-book or obtain a refund.


  • In our 40 year history, we've cancelled only a handful of trips due to weather or road conditions.


  • If the highways are closed, in most cases the RCMP will let the coaches travel through, due to their extensive training and experience.


  • Should a passenger feel uncomfortable travelling on our coaches due to a winter storm, we'll gladly cancel the trip and refund their fare, or re-book them for another time.


If you have any questions or concerns about our winter operations, please reach out to our call centre at: 1-877-769-3287.


Please note that during the Holiday Blackout Period (December 13 - January 3), you must give 24 hours notice for changes and cancellations.


What does the Holiday Blackout Period mean?


Ebus Alberta


• We do not Stop at CrossIron Mills for pick up or drop off


• Passengers must give 24 hours notice to change their ticket with a $15.75 change fee


• Tickets are non-refundable


Ebus BC


• Refundable Fares:  must give 24 hours notice to change or cancel trip


• Non-fundable Fares:  must give 24 hours notice to change with a $15.75 change fee