5 Reasons not to rush your trip

We deserve to relax and live in the moment! Everyone loves to travel – once they get to where they’re going. Getting from point A to point B is usually the “hassle-y” part of traveling, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Choosing a “slower” form of travel, like a bus, is a great way to work some ‘me’ time into your life. Although there are many benefits to this kind of traveling, we’ve narrowed it down to the top five reasons.

1. Think of it as extra “Me” time

How often do you get time to sit back and really relax? There are so many distractions in the world that it can be difficult to find time for you. When you hop on board a bus, you can recline in the comfortable seats and take in the gorgeous scenery of Alberta or BC through our giant windows, anticipating the exciting trip ahead. Or close your eyes and get that much-needed nap so that when you get to your destination, you’re revived and ready to go!

2. It’s a better use of your time

When you fly, you have to move from line-up to line-up, and waiting seems to be the main thing you do. From checking in to the security line-up to boarding, you’re shuffling through the airport and not really able to accomplish anything at the same time. While driving, the ONLY thing you can do is concentrate on the road. When you travel by bus, you spend just minutes checking in, and then you are settled into your comfy seat for the entire duration of the trip. Now, you can use the time to relax, get some work done, connect with friends or family, and snap pics of the views. While the trip itself can be a little more travel time, the time you spend is yours to do as you wish.

3. It’s really not that slow

Consider a trip between Downtown Calgary and Downtown Edmonton. On Ebus, you hop onboard Downtown Calgary and it takes about 4 hours to our office Downtown Edmonton. If you fly, you would take a taxi or get a ride which would take 20 minutes, you have to arrive at the airport 90 minutes ahead of the flight time, the flight is then about an hour, with disembarking, waiting for luggage, let’s add on another 20. Then, you have to get from the Edmonton International Airport to downtown which is no less than 30 minutes on a good day. So, we’re looking at over 3.5 hours. Hmmmm….it seems to us that you’ve only saved yourself about 20 minutes, not to mention that it was hassle-free, and you paid much less for your fare.

4. It’s good for the environment

Traveling by bus is significantly better for the environment than flying. In fact, coaches have the lowest carbon footprint compared to airplanes, trains, or cars. Measured in passenger miles per gallon, coaches are two times as efficient as trains, four times more efficient than an airplane, and seven times more efficient than traveling by car. So, by traveling by bus, you can also be proud that you’re contributing to the health of the planet!

5. You can be productive (if you want)!

Have a deadline coming up but still want to visit Grandma in Kamloops this weekend? Perhaps one of the best perks of choosing Ebus is the ability to stay connected. With free Wi-Fi on all our coaches, you can sit back, open your laptop, and get to work on the way. Get that report done on the way to your meeting or do your homework during the trip so that when you get away for the weekend, you don’t have to worry about it while you’re there or cram when you get back. Choosing Ebus as your travel option will maximize your productivity on the go…as well as your quality time at your destination.

With the world as crazy and busy as it is these days, using every moment to its fullest is more important than ever. Next time you go on a trip, consider choosing a bus over an airplane plane or driving. It will give you the quality time you deserve, and you’ll arrive at your destination completely revived.  

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