Sustainability at Our Core

At Ebus, our coaches by design are cleaner than trains, planes and even hybrid cars. But how do we achieve sustainability? We can carry multiple passengers on-board our coaches. This takes numerous cars off the road and increases efficiency in getting you to your destination. The reduction in emissions and crowded highways creates a cleaner environment. Less traffic results in a decrease in the carbon emissions on the road. This is compared to each passenger driving their own vehicle. Motorcoaches have become part of Canada’s energy solution.

Low Carbon Footprint

Compared to airplanes, trains, or cars, coaches have the lowest carbon footprint by decreasing the number of vehicles on the road every day.

Taking vehicles off the road

Measured in passenger miles per gallon, coaches are 2x as efficient as trains, 4x more efficient than an airplane, and 7x more efficient than travelling by car.

Reduced C02 Emissions

For every person who travels by bus instead of traveling alone in a car, CO2 emissions are reduced by 85%.

Best Miles Per Gallon Efficiency

One gallon of fuel can provide as many as 250 passenger miles on a bus. Compared to other vehicles, coaches have the lowest carbon dioxide emissions.

Paperless Booking System

Our ticketing system is now paperless! Heading to your destination just got a little easier with tickets being completely online to ensure for a swift check-in, and overall reduction in paper waste.

Diesel Fuel Efficiency

Diesel Fuel is about 30% more efficient than gasoline, and new types of fuels, such as ultra-low sulfur diesel and biodiesel, help to reduce greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide emissions.