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 I travelled today from Vancouver to Kamloops on bus 5724. The service was prompt, the driver courteous and professional and the bus was cleaner, more spacious and modern than a recent Seattle trip on Amtrak.


On the return journey with the same driver I noticed I had misplaced my iPad. As we were returning to Australia the next day, this was a real problem. After a discussion with the driver at our first stop, he worked out from the locations on the ‘Find iPhone’ App that it was still on the original bus, which had gone on a different route and returned to Vancouver later in the day. One phone call from him confirmed that the iPad was on the original bus. He gave me explicit and professional instructions on the time and location to retrieve my iPad, and happily, I’m writing this note on it right now. Well done Ebus and their fine staff.                                                                       


 Bill - Adelaide, Australia

 I just wanted to commend your operation for the excellent, professional and friendly service you offered my mother during her recent travel from Merritt to Vancouver over the Christmas holiday. Your website made it very easy for me to purchase her tickets. We have being using bus service to bring her to Vancouver for years and never has the experience gone so smoothly. The bus was very comfortable for her. She was very happy. We hope your operation continues and we look forward to using your services again. 


 Tim - Vancouver, BC 

 I rode Ebus today from Kelowna to Vancouver 9:10am departure Kelowna and I had a very good experience with the drivers and the ride. Both drivers were very informative and polite when explaining highway conditions and delays. The driving was exceptional and I felt very comfortable and safe. I would recommend the route to my family and friends. Thank you to the company and the drivers.                                                                                                                       


 Lara - Kelowna, BC  


 I just wanted to write this to pass on my praises about one of your bus drivers that was driving our bus from Vancouver to Kamloops last night. I think his name was Troy, sorry if that’s wrong. He was nothing but professional and polite from the very start! It was refreshing to see. It was a difficult trip from the start with lots of traffic and delays. We got stuck on the Coquihalla highway for hours due to an accident! He was professional the whole time and made us feel safe! He even handled some difficult passengers extremely well, they were demanding to smoke and started to get agitated, which he dealt with in a very professional and prompt manner. Please pass on my praises. I think it’s important to recognize good workers so that’s why I am writing this.                                                                       


 Kristin and Paul - Vancouver, BC


 My husband and I had our first trip on ebus on Dec 12th traveling from Kamloops to Vancouver on the 8:15am bus.   We turned home today, Dec 15th on the 8:30am bus.  I just wanted to let you know that both the drivers were excellent and made the trip a very pleasant experience.  I understand some of the infrastructure is not in place yet so when it is things will be even better.  We look forward to using your service again, thanks for stepping up to the plate.  Please pass on our best to the two drivers.                                             


 Eleanor - Kamloops, BC 

I have traveled with Ebus BC twice now and wanted to commend everyone on their fantastic service and thank you for stepping up to the plate since greyhound left. I will be traveling with Ebus from now on and recommending Ebus to anyone looking for transportation within the lower mainland of BC.                                                                                                                                                


 John - BC


 I wanted to write to you and advise of my first experience travelling Ebus. (I travelled from Abbotsford to Kamloops on December 23 (9:50am) and from Kamloops to Abbotsford on December 26 (4:45pm). For the past approximate 10 years I have taken the Greyhound to Kamloops for the Christmas holidays and I must say, Ebus far exceeded any expectation I could ever have. I am thankful to have seatbelts on the bus and was impressed at the cleanliness. Though I did not use it, the WiFi option is a very nice perk for those that would need it.


The first thing that impressed me about Ebus was a phone call and an email advising me of a slight change in departure and arrival times well in advance of my travel days. That was greatly appreciated.  


The second thing that impressed me was the bus was right on time in Abbotsford! The driver was friendly, courteous and efficient. During the ride, at no time did I feel unsafe and took note that when the road conditions changed, the drivers driving changed to suit the conditions. I arrived in Kamloops a few minutes ahead of schedule. 


My trip home: The staff in the office at the Sahali Mall were very friendly and communicative. They advised everyone what was going to happen and the boarding was smooth with no delays. I was very impressed with all the information provided. There was no guessing about anything! The bus driver was also fantastic for my trip home. Due to road conditions he advised there may be a delay but would update along the way and he did just that!! I had a car waiting for me in Abbotsford so the timing did not matter but I overheard many people say how impressed they were and they were able to call people to advise of the time to meet them at their drop off. The updated time the driver provided was bang on! (I don't think he was far off schedule maybe a few minutes if that). 


I have already recommended Ebus to many people and look forward to travelling with you again next year!


Thank you so much for coming to BC.                                                                       


 Sara - Abbotsford, BC


 Fantastic service from Kamloops to Kelowna- bus is clean and on time. Cecil was a good driver and all staff were friendly, if this is the type of service that will continue losing greyhound was a positive.                                             


 Roger - Kelowna, BC    



 I used your bus service for the first time, Chilliwack to Kamloops and return, and was very impressed.  Good service/drivers, clean buses and easy booking.  Very pleased you are providing bus service in BC, will be a frequent passenger.  Hope to see the service expanded to other communities.   

                                                                                                  Julie - Chilliwack, BC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


 I wanted to write to recognize my driver and the direction the Ebus service in BC seems to be headed.


Our driver, Troy, made trip his announcements soon after departing Kamloops. What an asset for Ebus to have someone focused on service and great customer experience. He was genuine in wanting to make the trip the best it could be for everyone. I felt like he enjoys his job and interacting with his riders.


At the stop in Merritt, on his way back to the front of the bus from the bathroom he saw I was using my laptop and stopped to ask if I was using the Wi-Fi - I said yes - then he asked if it was working well for me and whether the seat power sockets were also turned on and working.


Later on the same trip, the bus had to stop short when a car that looked to be letting him in did not. Afterward, he got on the PA and apologized to the entire bus for the abrupt stop and explained why it happened.


I generally fly to Vancouver but could not get the flights I needed. When you factor in time for security, boarding and SkyTrain to downtown the bus is only an extra hour at 20% the cost. My initial experiences make me think the bus is going to be a more regular way of travelling to Van when the schedule permits.    


My thanks to staff like Troy.


 Douglas - Kamloops, BC





 Efficient inter-community bus service allows family and friends to remain connected, but it also allows businesses to connect with their customers and strengthens the economic fabric of the Okanagan. Ebus is providing that critically important link and because of its focus on customer service, all those who have taken advantage of the service, have commented on how positive their experience was. Well done Ebus! 


 Dan Rogers - Executive Director, Kelowna Chamber of Commerce





 My husband and I travelled on your buses to Guildford, Surrey in September 2019. We are both in our late 80s and have not been able to see our son in five years as he cannot travel because he is on Oxygen, 24-7. We cannot thank you enough for the help and care we received. We had your driver Ron and another man going out, and Ron and Chris coming home to Westbank. All three of them were fine drivers and great ambassadors for your company. We are very grateful for the assistance we received and will definitely travel with your company again. Once again, many thanks. 


 June Wakefield - Westbank, BC





 First time I took the Ebus from West Kelowna to Vancouver. It was great - the bus driver was very funny and very helpful. The drive was smooth. I also liked the announcement he makes and he even told us the weather upon arrival. The seats were very clean, lots of room, temperature inside was perfect not too hot or not too cold. The bathroom was very clean. I like that it has WiFi and there are plug ins at all seats, and foot rests. Booking the ticket was easy and smooth, similar to the boarding the bus as well. I've been telling all my friends and family - thank you so much. 


 Bianca - West Kelowna, BC




 I just wanted to say thank you so very much for proving to be the best. This is one of the reasons why I am loyal to your company as a customer. You are helpful and always there for me and others. I appreciate and am overly grateful for everything you have done for me. I will be travelling indefinitely with you for these reasons: Best Customer Service and putting your customers needs first, where possible. Thank you so very much. 


 Barb - Alberta




 I recently travelled from Chilliwack to Kamloops on Ebus. While we were enroute, the bus overheated going up the Coquihalla Highway and we had to pull over to let it cool down. We then made our way slowly to Merritt. The driver we had was so wonderful keeping everyone informed as to what was going on and giving us updates as he had them. He tried to fix the issue in Merritt and had informed the company of his issue. He added coolant to the bus and informed us that we were going to try and make it to Kamloops, but that there was a rescue bus on its way just in case we couldn’t make it. As it turned out, the bus quit just as we headed up the hill out of Merritt and once again the driver kept everyone onboard totally informed every step of the way. As promised, the rescue bus arrived quite quickly and the transfer of passengers and luggage was done seamlessly at the side of the road with many thanks to both the drivers. I just wanted to write to the company to inform them of what transpired on today’s trip and to say once again how good the service is with your company. Your staff, especially the driver, was exceptional. I also want to add that I have had occasion to use Ebus a few times since the service came to Kamloops, and each and every time the driver and staff have gone above and beyond to make the trip pleasant and enjoyable. Thank you Ebus for hiring the calibre of staff that you have. The service is exceptional and I highly recommend Ebus to everyone I know. 


 Susan - Chilliwack, BC




 Just a note to let you know how impressed I am with your safeguards during the pandemic. Many businesses and establishments could definitely learn from your practices. Look forward to my trip to Vancouver on Thursday and thank you for allowing this passenger to rest easy knowing you are doing everything possible for us during this difficult time. 


 Sandra - Kelowna, BC