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Please see below for important messages from our Vice President and Director of Safety, Motorcoach, on what Ebus is doing during COVID-19.




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May 1, 2020: Supporting Alberta's Relaunch Strategy

Dear Valued Customer:


Yesterday afternoon, Premier Jason Kenney announced Alberta’s relaunch strategy, outlining a phased approach to help us work together to recover from the COVID-19 situation. We are fully supportive of this strategy and are optimistic that Albertan’s prolonged dedication to protocols will accomplish the appropriate conditions for relaunch. 


 At Red Arrow and Ebus, we have been working hard to plan our return to service in a safe and responsible manner. This means:


  • Health indicators / conditions for relaunch must have been accomplished;
  • Our service offering and business activity is aligned with the publicly active Stage (1,2,3);
  • A sufficient public need for our service exists;
  • Assurance our employees have access to personal protective equipment (PPE) suitable to their function;
  • Assurance our passengers can conform to Alberta mandated “public use of masks in specified crowded spaces, or mass transit”, and are not exhibiting symptoms of illness


Once these conditions have been met, we will be ready to support our passengers in visiting friends and family; for essential opportunities; to travel for work; educational or medical reasons; and to get Safely Home.


Along with Safety, Customer Service remains a Core Value, and so our call centre remains open to assist passengers, our reservation system remains tentatively available for bookings on June 1st and onwards, and our social channels are active for you to follow and engage.


We together, both you and your Safely Home team, will emerge from this pandemic even stronger than before.  We look forward to safely serving you soon and will keep you updated on when that might be. We sincerely appreciate your continued loyalty to Red Arrow and Ebus and we also thank you for your continued dedication to Staying Safely Home.



April 1, 2020: Ebus BC Suspension Notice

 Dear Valued Ebus BC Customer:


The time has come for us to suspend the last of our operations for Ebus, which means our scheduled service on our BC routes will cease on Sunday, April 5 until further notice. We’ve been proud to serve the communities of BC since October of 2018 in getting residents and visitors Safely Home. Now, we are asking everyone to Stay Safely Home

While not an easy decision, we feel it is our social responsibility to suspend our inter-city passenger service, which we believe will go a long way in helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve.  

The faster we all make the right decision to Stay Safely Home, the faster we can be operational once again. When it has been deemed safe to do so by governmental and health authorities, we will be ready to help passengers visit friends and family, for recreation and tourism opportunities, to travel for work, educational or medical reasons, and to get Safely Home.

Along with Safety, Customer Service remains a Core Value, and so our call centre will stay open to assist passengers, our social channels are active for you to follow and engage, and we’ll continue to communicate with you as we navigate through this difficult time.

We sincerely thank you for your continued loyalty to Ebus and we hope that you and your loved ones Stay Safely Home.



March 24, 2020: Ebus Alberta Suspension Notice

Dear Valued Ebus Alberta Customer:


For almost ten years, Ebus has been getting Albertans Safely Home.  Now, we are asking you to Stay Safely Home.  To prevent the spread of COVID-19, and flatten the infection rate curve, we are systematically suspending operations throughout our scheduled network. 


In these unprecedented times, we all struggle to make the right choice to protect as many people as possible. For Ebus, it is the balance of supporting people that still need to travel, with doing our part to limit the spread of COVID-19. It is with heavy hearts that we announce that we will be suspending operations in Alberta and our last day of service will be Sunday, March 29 until further notice.


Suspending a service like inter-city transportation is an extremely difficult decision but we feel it’s one we must now make. As you’re aware, we have been taking extra measures in our operations, such as enhancing cleaning and sanitization protocols, communicating hygiene and safety tips to staff and passengers in offices and on coaches, and encouraging social distancing.  However, we feel we are now at the critical point where we have to take our social responsibility one step further to protect our staff and the community.  


Due to the larger number of passengers still travelling on our BC routes, we remain operating in BC at this time to ensure we help as many people get Safely Home as possible before suspending operations there as well.


Our call centre will remain open to assist passengers and we’ll continue to communicate with you as we navigate through this difficult time.


As Canadians all in this together, we appreciate your support and understanding and we’re very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please be assured that we will resume service once government and medical authorities recommend it is safe to do so.


We sincerely thank you for your continued loyalty to Ebus Alberta and we hope that you and your loved ones Stay Safely Home.





March 12, 2020: Our Response to COVID-19


Dear Valued Customer:


At Red Arrow and Ebus, as with any Health & Safety concern, we are taking active measures to reduce the risk of 2019 novel coronavirus exposure.


Since the recognition of the health threat by the World Health Organization, our Director of Safety has actively monitored multiple official information sources. In collaboration, our executive and management teams are proactively engaged to ensure we are predictively and expeditiously mitigating. For example:


  • introduced additional disinfecting cleaning to our regular, daily cleaning program of facilities and motorcoaches;
  • introducing commercial grade, sterilization foggers to the overnight cleaning process of the motorcoaches;
  • introducing commercial grade, air purifiers to all ticket offices, with an overnight deep sterilization;
  • provisioning motorcoach operators and ticket office staff with gloves, disinfectant spray, and disposable towels for cleaning of touchpoint surfaces;
  • directing motorcoach operators to maximize fresh air to passenger cabin (recirculation function not to be selected);
  • companywide awareness program of evergreen communiqués & posters.


Throughout this event, we will continue to exercise our 10 Core Values of Safety, Customer Service, Resourcefulness, Integrity, Positive Attitude, Team Work, Loyalty, Accountability, Respect, and Dedication. As stated by the World Health Organization (WHO), “Every person has the capacity to contribute, to protect themselves, to protect others, whether in the home, the community, the healthcare system, the workplace or the transport system.”


Therefore, if you are exhibiting symptoms as published by the Government of Canada Public Health Services, please do not travel with us. In such a circumstance, you will receive a travel credit for future use. You may also exercise our regular cancellation policy. Additionally, we recommend you phone Health Link 811.


Thank you for joining us in these efforts, and we look forward to continuing to get you and your loved ones Safely Home.