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Ebus 4 packs


Are you looking for even more ways to save on travel? Do you know you’re going to be travelling often but don’t necessarily know when? Ebus 4 packs can be purchased, and you’ll save 15% on travel! At Ebus, we know that having access to affordable travel is essential. And with our new Safely Clean program, you can travel in confidence knowing our coaches are fully cleaned and sanitized.   



What is a 4-pack?

A 4-pack is 4 one-way bus fares on the same route purchased together in advance to save 15%. You don’t have to know when you’re going to travel, you just have to know what locations you will be travelling between.



On what routes are 4-Packs available?

4-packs are available on our major routes in Alberta and BC:

Calgary <> Red Deer


Calgary <> Edmonton


Edmonton <> Red Deer


Vancouver <> Kelowna


Vancouver <> Kamloops


Kelowna <> Kamloops


Please note the above prices do not include GST/PST.



How do I buy an Ebus 4 pack?

Ebus 4-packs must be purchased by phone and confirmation will be emailed to you. Please call 1-877-769-3287 and have the following ready:  


  • Know which route you would like to purchase - ex. Edmonton<>Calgary or Vancouver <> Kelowna 


  • Name, email address, and phone number 


  • Credit card and address associated with the credit card 



How do I redeem my trip when I am ready to travel?

Simply call 1-877-769-3287 with your name that the Ebus 4-pack is under and let the Passenger Experience Representative know what date and time you would like to travel. You can book one trip, two trips, or all four at the same time. Ebus 4-Packs never expire!


To purchase, please reach out to our Call Centre at: 1-877-769-3287 and your confirmation package will be sent via email. 


From our family at Ebus to yours, we hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy.